Optimize care together
Datadriven via one online dashboard

From diagnosis to treatment: patient-centered.

Patient journeys for over 60 medical indications are available. Every journey consists of a combination of measurements via devices or PROMS / PREMS or diaries. These data generate warnings and feedback-loops on the central dashboard.  

Datadriven personalized care for many usecases.

Medical modules: Plug & Play or your own design. is an international online platform, where patients monitor and manage their health together with their healthcare professionals. 

The user interface and the content of the modules are designed to stimulate patient involvement and to interact with the professionals.

“Measure lung function values ​​at home with the help of a portable spirometer. The results are saved in the secured app and can be forwarded to the pulmonologist at the push of a button. Questionnaires are added to the patientjourney to monitor quality of life issues like the occurrence of shortness of breath, cough, tiredness and side effects of medication.”

-Dr. M.S. Wijsenbeek, pulmonologist, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam