Communication tool

The platform is a tool for communication between patient and healthcare provider. The information resulting from this can never serve as an exclusive source for medical action. No rights can be derived from participation. Curavista b.v. carries out the modules on the Curavista eHealth platform in collaboration with other companies, organizations and individuals. Curavista b.v. does its utmost – whether or not together with other companies, organizations and persons – to keep access to Curavista eHealth continuously open and to make the data permanently available. Nevertheless, Curavista b.v., nor the companies, organizations and persons with whom we work, accepts no liability whatsoever resulting from the use of or participation in Health Meter, all this in the broadest sense of the word.


The copyright of www.Gezondheidsmeter.nl and the underlying software platform “Curavista eHealth” lies with Curavista b.v. Nothing from this site may be copied without permission or used for any purpose other than participation in the modules on the Curavista eHealth platform.

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