Personal information

Your personal details (name, date of birth, email address, telephone number) are recorded. This information is only used for the operation of your personal file.

If you log in with your DigiD or your health care provider logs on via a link, your BSN will be saved. Care providers can jump directly to your file from their own system, because you are uniquely recognizable. The BSN is stored encrypted and can only be viewed by you and your healthcare provider (s), which you have authorized for a specific module.

Protection of Personal Data

The file has been reported to the Data Protection Authority (notification number m1408979) and secured against abuse. Your personal details are stored in a different database as your answers. More specifications about security on request.

Analysis and research

The data from a module can be used for scientific analyzes and research, for example into the effect of eHealth. The scientific results are published on the website. Analyzes are made without the data being traceable to persons. The independent Stichting Infometer ensures that the data is provided anonymously for the analysis and that the analysis is in accordance with the specific permission associated with a module. Before you make a final commitment, we ask for your permission for this storage and use. Would you like to participate without your data being involved in analyzes? That is possible too. You indicate this immediately when registering a module or you send an email with your request to the helpdesk (


You can stop your participation at any time and have your data (free of charge) removed from the database. You send an e-mail to the helpdesk (